North Dakota - Bakken Oil Field Jobs
This is a video on some tips on what you need to do, have, and expect if you plan on coming out work in the North Dakota Bakken oil fields. Check out our company if you need truck ...
Oilfield Bloopers.... Hand Can't Stab Pipe
Just trying to make a connection on kelly rig. As you can see everyone has an off day.
Bakken oil field gas flares
Bakken oil field gas flares
Video Essay: Life in an Oil Field 'Man Camp'
Temporary villages known as "man camps" are rising from the North Dakota prairie. They house the hordes of workers who are flocking there for a modern-day rush for black gold. (Sep ...
America's Quest - The Bakken
America's Quest - The Bakken
Bakken oil field fail
This is a 130 barrel vac trailer half full of clean pond water with around 35 psi of pressure built up.
another day in the oil patch the Bakken
North Dakota the Bakken oil patch
Bakken Oilfield Fail of the Day, First Year in Review - edited
An edited version of the Bakken Oilfield Fail of the Day, First Year in Review
Fault Lines - Fault Lines - Death on the Bakken shale
The oil boom in North Dakota has brought with it the highest worker fatality rates in the country. Fault Lines investigates who should be held responsible.
We react to the Bakken after the oilfield bust! We lived in Watford City, North Dakota 2 years ago. We wanted to see what had changed and what is was like since the oilfield slow ...
Bakken bust: The fallout from cheap oil
KC Transport LLC Co-Owner Keltz Hall on the impact of low oil prices on the economy and companies in North Dakota.
Fail of the Day.
Roxie is at my house and Kassia and I went riding today! Our first time going over the log. Thank god i didn't go over the bigger one! haha It was sorta wide and roxie has never ju ...
Bedankt voor het kijken naar deze video! Doe een duimpje omhoog als je hem leuk vond! SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER → INSTAGRAM → http://www.instagram.c ...
Oilfield Directional Drilling Nightmare.mp4
Bakken Oilfield Icy Roads!!
I slowed down for some drivers that were on the highway and lost all my momentum, even after I chained up I couldn't get my steer tires on the highway
Oilfield Workover Rig Blows Out Tubing-Awesome Footage!
This cell phone video shows a workover rig blowing out tubing out of the hole. It is a little rough as the Man with the phone keeps running, then stops and records for more great o ...
Fail of the day :)
Nice ryan!
What a fail of a day!
An absolute fail of a day with Emma! Where to find Jana Twitter: Instagram: @castrodejana Tumblr: Where to fi ...
Investigation into the Deadly Bakken Oil Fields Comes to the Stage
Earlier this year, Reveal reporter Jennifer Gollan headed to North Dakota to report on the dangerous working conditions in the Bakken oil fields and the tragic death of 21-year-old ...